5 Tips to Share: How to Keep Haircolor Vibrant Between Appointments

Whether your clients come in for regular gray touch-ups or is are fashion color fanatics, it's important to advise your clients on how best to maintain the vibrancy of their color from appointment to appointment.

Sam Harris of Aurelio Salon shares a few pointers important to pass along to your clients for making color last between visits.

5 TIPS TO MAKE COLOR LAST Keep hair healthy. Healthy hair holds onto color longer, so suggest a once-a-week, at-home treatment that seals the cuticle and prevent color fade. Color-safe shampoo and conditioner is key. Look for a line that fights fade and boosts color and shine; try Goldwell Chroma Color Complex. Suggest an in-salon service. In addition to being a great up-sell, a color-locking service, such as Goldwell Color Locking Serum, can intensify the brilliance of color for many extra washes. Send them home with a nourishing leave-in. Goldwell Dualsenses Color Serum Spray works with the in-salon Locking Serum to prevent free radicals and sun exposure that affects color. Warn against chemical and environmental damage. Well water, chlorine and sun can all wreak havoc on color, stripping it and making it dull. For swimmers or sun-worshippers, advise that they spray a leave-in conditioner before exposure in order to protect hair. For more info on Goldwell products, visit goldwell.us.

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