5 essential hair care tips for summer

Is your hair ready to beat the SA heat this summer? Try out these summer hair care tips and win some fabulous hampers!Organic Colour Systems is the first-ever range of permanent colours made from the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients and the minimum amount of chemicals, meaning it is kind to the environment as well as your hair.

All ingredients are ethically sourced to protect the environment, preserve natural stocks and make as little impact as possible.

Summer Hair Care Tip #1: Use Products with UV ProtectionIf there's anything worse than using products with unnecessary chemicals, it's using them in tandem with the summer sun.The summer heat in South Africa tends to leave the pores of the skin and scalp open, allowing for further absorption of ingredients in hair products - so make sure your hair and body are absorbing the good stuff! Sunflower is an all-natural UV protectant that's great for adding softness to the hair while providing much needed moisture.Try Organic Colour Systems Status Quo Protect Leave-In Conditioner which uses organic grapefruit, orange peel extract and natural sunflower seed extract to protect and repair your natural or coloured hair from UV damage, reducing colour fade and environmental damage.For added protection Soothe Plus Treatment is recommended to provide a cooling and soothing effect when sprayed on to irritated and inflamed scalps or skin.

Summer Hair Care Tip #2: Wear a hat or hair scarfAnother great summer hair care tip is to opt for a hat, hair scarf, or both. Not only do hats and head scarves provide further UV protection, they also help the hair retain moisture - a big time summer hair care issue.Wearing a hat or head scarf also provides the scalp with further UV protection that may be hard to obtain just through summer hair care products. A damaged scalp can leave hair inadequately nourished for months to come! The best way to get rid of a damaged or tender scalp would be to use Organic Colour Systems Soothe Plus treatment.Let's not neglect to mention there are various ways to wear hair scarves and hats, so you should never run out of ways to protect the hair and scalp, all while looking fabulous.

Summer Hair Care Tip #3: Wear hair in braids and gentle up-dosThe summer heat and humidity calls for gentle up-dos and stylish braids. Everyone loves the top-knot bun style and sock buns, but putting hair up high and tight can cause incredible damage during the summer months, when hair tends to get frizzy and dry.Try out a Messy Braid - they are one of the hottest summer hair trends! Messy braids and gentle up-dos will keep the hair from further UV exposure and add another layer of protection for the scalp.

Summer Hair Care Tip #4: Eliminate Mean Green Pool HairEvery day exposure to chlorinated swimming pools can be very damaging to your hair. Although it can happen to anyone, men and women with shades of natural or coloured blonde are prone to chlorine damage and discolouration.Here's a little secret summer hair care tip: Add moisture to your hair prior to jumping in the pool! Think of your hair like a sponge, ready to soak up any water in its path. If you put a dry sponge into the pool, it'll absorb more of the chemicals than a wet sponge that has already been saturated in water.With that being said, wet the hair and/or put in Aqua Boost leave-in conditioner prior to going to the pool. If you're a frequent swimmer or have very blonde hair go even further and invest in Status Quo Silver Shampoo to prevent that irritating yellow/green tinge.

Summer Hair Care Tip #5: Deep Conditioning TreatmentsSummer hair ailments like dryness and split-ends can be helped with the inclusion of Aqua Boost treatments in your summer hair regimen. For those with extremely damaged hair give Power Build Revamp a try to give strength, protection and volume while improving colour retention because it includes natural quinoa and wheat proteins.Before establishing your hair regimen and choosing the 'best' summer hair care products, you must first determine your hair type and texture.To choose a hair product without knowing your hair type is like buying a pair of shoes without knowing your shoe size - it can be very damaging. To help determine your hair texture and what it lacks in the summer, ask your hair stylist to conduct a wet-stretch test. This test will allow them to make the proper summer hair care recommendations for your hair type.These summer hair care tips will allow you to feel and look confident through the harsh summer months with healthy, shiny hair.

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