eSalon Reaches Milestone of Creating One Millionth Hair Color Application

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CULVER CITY, Calif., Sept, 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ eSalon, the breakthrough hair color company that is revolutionizing the home beauty experience one head at a time reached a milestone today, when it proudly shipped its 1,000,000th hair color formulation. Not since the 'Miss Clairol' home hair color kit debuted, in 1956, has an upstart impacted the industry like, by delivering custom, salon-grade color to a client's door, for less than a colorist's tip.

'We've been able to reach this significant milestone, not by focusing on numbers, but on the specific needs of each customer, one at a time,' said Francisco Gimenez, visionary ecommerce entrepreneur, who founded eSalon in 2010. 'And, by making our color affordable and convenient, we're giving more and more people access to it. Individualized color no longer is a privilege reserved only for clients of expensive hair salons,' he added.

No surprise, then, that owners of posh salons from coast to coast are uneasy as eSalon lures away an increasing number of their time-starved, budget-constrained customers. ' eSalon is setting a dramatic new standard for hair coloring worldwide,' Gimenez said.

Traditional hair color companies also are closely watching eSalon as it bucks industry trends. 'We're getting their attention by providing genuine customized product and solutions as well as unprecedented service for about the price of their drugstore boxed color,' noted Estelle Baumhauer, eSalon's Color Director. 'We're proving that women don't have to settle for off-the-shelf hair dyes. We've turned the color market on its head and customers are confirming our vision,' she added.

eSalon's crew of color experts analyzes clients' details and creates custom formulations from an unlimited number of color options that customers are guaranteed to love. 'Our quality hair color and proprietary mixing technology ensure perfect matches every time,' Baumhauer explained. The color is bottled, labeled with the client's name (because it's made for them and no one else), and delivered within days.

eSalon also offers a complete line of salon-quality, color care products formulated to work in conjunction with its custom-blended color.

Visit for exclusive hair coloring tips, how-to videos, and to learn how the company's pro colorists achieve a client's ideal match. Find additional company news and product information on eSalon's social media sites:

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